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All Together Healing is a 501C3 Online Mental Health and Emotional support group. Our First Mission is to Provide a Safe Place for any and all People Effected by Life’s experiences Great and Small in Order to help Individuals deal with whatever Ailments they are dealing with. Our Talk about it Tuesday’s are the focal point of A.T.Hinc, All topics are covered and give all a Voice whare all points of view are Valued and Respected. A.T.Hinc looks to be a Staple in the Community that would like to have People Participate in Projects that Build Mental and Emotional stability along with Total Physical Health Awareness along with Financial Literacy ECT. A.T.Hinc also Provides a weekly wellness Check to individuals who request it who would like to have Someone from A.T.Hinc to call and give encouragement. All Together Healings Mission is to help all People in need to REBOOT,RESET,REPROGRAM AND RECLAIM their Lives


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Patrice Forbes

Co Founder - Chief Operating Officer

Andre Henry


Dominic Olive


Shenira Billups

Co-Founder, and Treasurer

Pamela Hudson

Executive human resource director

Nicole Forbes

Freelance professional Development

Kiosha Smith

Media/Youth Coordinator CT Division

Shar Turner

Director of youth Division/HR Agent

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Andre Henry

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