Raffles can be purchased through our website, we will send the raffle tickets virtually or in person.  Once purchases are made please text 646-481-4680 to receive raffle tickets purchased.  
The drawing for the raffle will commence on Thursday, March 31st@ 3pm.  
Want a free raffle ticket?  Sure, on March 8th-March12th, put your $$$ aside to order some double goods popcorn and receive one free ticket to one of our raffle baskets!  The more popcorn you purchase the better denomination basket ticket you can receive…. 
You can also get another free raffle if you purchase a ticket to attend our upscale event at the end of the month!  Let’s get it folks, get excited!  


Our workout wellness basket consists of the following amazing products from the Pro Strength!  $12 blue raffle ticket

  • Exercise ball with pump
  • Extra wide toning band
  • AB Wheel
  • Weighted jump rope
  • 3 pack resistance band set
  • 2LB set ankle weights


The oh so lovely pamper me basket consists of the following products:   $7 green raffle ticket

  • Teal’s foaming bath Epsom salts Relax and relief eucalyptus & spearmint
  • Village Naturals 2pks of aches & pains muscle relief concentrated mineral bath soak
  • True living blue lagoon scented candle
  • Suave sweet treats bath bombs
  • Sparkle city 2 pack fragrant air fresheners
  • Teal’s soaking solution soak & sleep with lavender
  • 2pk scrubbing bath puffs


The Aromathera(me) basket consists of the following products:  $5 red raffle ticket

  • True living fragrant wax melts: 10 Juicy raspberry, 10 sugared lemon & 10 Fresh linen (30 total)
  • Twilight forest aroma wax warmer
  • True living wild orchard candle

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