March 2022

When I first heard about All Together Healing Inc, also known as ATH Inc. I was like what exactly are you trying to do my dear and Mr. Henry said, I want to create an organization that will give something back to the community; something that will help those who are in the most need.  I want to help address the health disparity that is mental health.  I asked so how do you plan to do this? His response was “my goal is to create a place away from everyday life, a place where people can come to figure out how to cope with triggers and take back their lives so that they can function and live a sustainable and good quality of life”.  How do you plan to get there I asked?  He said, “that is what I will be working on over the course of the next 3-5 years”.  

            For me All together healing Inc, is a movement that has the potential to become apart of the fabric of what we are striving to accomplish in mental health awareness and emotional support. Hello, my name is Nicole Forbes and I participate in the organization as a volunteer freelance floater, a person that fills in wherever I am needed based on my skills, experience and education acquired throughout my career. I am also volunteering as a professional development consultant, providing information on the types of certifications and or trainings that will be needed in order to facilitate services within the organization.  I am an Education Specialist for afterschool , summer camp and SYEP programs.  I am a health education and promotion major with a Bachelor of Science degree in the field of education and have graduate school education in health care management which I plan to complete so I can get that MBA. 

            The birth of the organization put the fear of God in my heart because I know what it takes to work in a not for profit,  I am in no way business savvy enough to understand the business or executive branches of the business, my first response to being offered the opportunity to help with the creation of the organization was “Oh hell naw, I’m about to be 45 years old this year (last year lol) and I am trying to wind down, not wind up”!  But little ole me could not mind her business and in a way I’m so very glad that I didn’t. 

            There is a great work to be done that is called ATH Inc, we are a bunch of professional volunteers, passionate about what we would like to see blossom out of the  organization.  We are approaching our first year and so far we have learned that we are wonderful hosts of some great events like our flagship online group known as “ Talk about it Tuesday”, Our 2021 November Mock Casino themed fundraiser turned party, our Connecticut Chapter’s Manners Only Bar for the youths, Turkey and food giveaway drive for in need families and our December toy drive where the CT chapter gave toys to organization for children.  Finally, our fundraising efforts with Double Goods Popcorn, Little Ceasar’s Pizza and Krispy Kreme donuts.  ATH Inc has a lot to learn, so we can implement and grow, the org is a mere infant, and we are in this for the long haul, thank you. 

-Nicole Forbes

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