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About Us


Sector I


We are a 501(c)3 not for profit organization specializing in the areas of mental health awareness and emotional support. We are an online based business with a chapter in Hamden, CT and Bronx, NY. Our overall goal is to provide resources to the youths and families in our communities.



We currently facilitate rap sessions every Tuesday via google meets. Our online platform presents various topics we discuss which help to foster awareness of what can be some possible causes of addictions and mental health ailments. We do encourage guests hosts to come on and welcome any and all topics focused around mental health, triggers, wellness, nutrition & safety, just to name a few. These sessions also allow us to just vent and talk about struggles as well as share coping strategies to help us all overcome our struggles. Our sessions are a judgement free zone where we learn, grow and heal together.



Sector II


What is sector II you ask? The plans for sector II is to have a for profit multifaceted facility providing you with an array of specialists, medical staff, aftercare staff and trained certified everyday individuals as ourselves to help you through all that you have discovered about yourself that is hindering you. We want to provide you with peace, safe place, space and time to heal.



Our facility will provide services in residence for a period of six to eight weeks as needed, it is a referral-based program from your medical provider to help you to successfully recover from any and all traumas you may still be experiencing in your lives.



This facility will provide transportation to and from and hopefully provide you with the environment of peace you will need to rejuvenate your mind. We realize that it is very difficult for most folks to reacclimatize their lives after long hospital stays for psychiatric care and concerns, we understand that triggers in society can cause relapses and other issues. Our overall goal is to help you get to a safe place where we help to desensitize you from these triggers so you can progress forward productively in your lives.



We are a group of dedicated people and professionals forged together through life experiences and education in order to help people through any ailments or addictions you may be dealing with. We do this by following our own formula and that is to REBOOT, RESET, REPROGRAM And finally RECLAIM our lives. We also believe that the only way to successfully do this is TOGETHER, only together can we truly claim victory over our ailments. We look forward to servicing you in our early future and would love your support in doing so.

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