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Our Team

Get to Know the Faces behind the Volunteers of  All Together Healing, Inc.


Andre Henry 

Founder and CEO

Andre Henry Is a Former Security Guard/Body Guard who decided to to form A.T.Hinc after what he experienced Good/Bad in the Nursing Facilities leading up to and after losing his Leg. Mr henry credits having a very strong support system and wanted to provide that for people around the world. Thus began the start of A.T.H,INC

Shenira Billups 

Co-Founder and Treasurer (Volunteer)


Patrice Forbes

Co-Founder and COO (Volunteer)

Aside from volunteering for All Together Healing INC. I am also a business owner of 6 years for Honor Thy Sweets, LLC. I reside in NYC and my passion has always been helping people to the best of my ability. 

Pamela Hudson

Executive Director/HR (Volunteer)

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Nicole Forbes

             Professional Development Coordinator

               Quality Control and Compliance

I work as an Education Specialist for after school and summer programs in public schools for Aspira of NY Inc. My passion is education and giving our youths their power back through learning. working in school communities with children has always been my major career goal. I’ve completed my collegiate studies in Health Education and Promotion/Community School Heath with a minor in Information Systems.



I’m a volunteer Human Resources Administrator working in the Quality Control and Compliance Department,Professional Development Coordinator for an organization called All Together Healing Inc, (ATH Inc.). We are currently an online mental health awareness and emotional support group that provides support through weekly rap sessions on a private goggle meet platform called Talk about it Tuesdays.



My overall life goal is to do Philanthropic work helping those in need as well as missionary work with my church feeding and supplying families in need abroad.

Latisha Porcher 
        President (Volunteer) 



      Andrea Arroyo
     Spokewomen of ATH (Volunteer)
Andrea is a 53-year-old mother of 2 adult children, a wife, a daughter, a sister, and most
importantly a child of God. She lives in Northern New Jersey with her loving and supportive husband Michael.

Andrea is a Certified Life Coach, specializing in recovery and trauma. She is transforming the lives of the people she works with and are now no longer filled with fear and shame. These
clients are now fearless and moving with boldness in their lives.
Andrea can bring something very special to her clients because she has been in similar
situations of fear, and shame due to alcohol recovery and life trauma.
Andrea sits on the board of a non-profit organization called ‘Torn Labels Project’, that brings
awareness to bullying and the need for inclusion. Today, Andrea is an author, an international
speaker, and living a life beyond her wildest dreams.

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