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Liability Disclaimer Please be advised that you may see people you may know on this website, By scrolling pass this message you agree that under penalty of Law in your State that you will not Divulge any Sensitive  information or the Likenesses of any A.T.H inc Staff Member or Client in anyway. The Information You may learn about anyone participating in any form of information sharing To any third party will not be tolerated and punishable by revoked access to A.T.H INC and its affiliates not limited to lawful action against you taken against in your State. A.T.H inc will not tolerate any breach of any clients privacy in anyway shape or form. Please respect all that participate with A.T.H inc. in their journey to heal them selves and others through community healing.

Recognizing the enormity of the challenges our society faces, All Together Healing Inc. is dedicated to making a lasting impact. While our efforts are driven by our organization’s focus, we spread a wide net by investing in a variety of programs. 

Talk About It Tuesdays

 our flagship program that has been around since inception. TAIT is an online platform where we candidly discuss mental health topics happening around our communities to provide emotional support.  The topics we have covered in the past are anxiety, triggers, depression, suicide, rape, sex trafficking, the ups and downs of having your own business, childhood trauma, and many more. This is happening every Tuesday at 9pm EST via google meets platform.  Our demographic is ages 18-60+ with viewing tuning in from several states. Our licensed counselor, Shenira Billups, offers insight to these topics and her professional advice with tools to combat these disparities. Our numbers fluctuate from week to week but we have a steady following tuning in weekly.  TAIT allows all viewers to speak and engage and tune in our how we can use resources to deal with everything from stress such as anxiety and even PTSD.  Time to time we also have in person sessions periodically. The funds received from this grant will help us to reach more people across this platform and also continue to serve our local communities out in CT area and also areas of NYC.We anticipate doing more in person sessions so we can involve low serving communities that need it the most where residents are more likely to deal with stress from food disparities, mental health triggers and living below poverty levels..



United in Prayer

 a new but steadily  growing program where all denominations can come together to pray for yourself or for others.  Although this program is fairly new, our numbers are constantly increasing week by week. THis is hosted by  Chaplin Elder Gwendolyn Jenkins and occasionally has guest speakers to help us come together and pray for one another. Our demographic is between 18-60+ with viewership throughout a variety of states and cities.This is happening every Wednesday evening at 7pm EST via google meets platform. The power of prayer is definitely needed and used as a coping mechanism to combat everything stresses such as depression and suicide. In the future, we look to have this program on a bigger platform

Please use the Following Link to gain entry to our virtual sessions

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Manners Only Bar

 a monthly kid friendly program serving the New Haven, Hamden, and Hartford local communities where children specially ages 7-15. It hosts events such as youth paint night and social hour for the purpose of social skill building, fostering healthy peer/family relationships, building the concept of community, and increasing support for special needs populations through community integration for them. The youth has an opportunity to discuss mental health issues through social building activities and also get the tools and resources to deal with everyday life stressors. Parents can also get involved in activities with their children as well. In the future, we are looking to expand this program to not just serve more youth in the communities mentioned above but also create an MOB for our youth in the Bronx and Harlem areas of New York City.  For the NY Chapter, we are looking to also expand this program to parents who need a mental health break from time to time offering services where they can have a chance to speak about life and also engage in activities to assist in healing stress and mental health issues through a variety of activities such as game night, Speak and Paint and physical activities such yoga, zumba, or dance classes. 

Project Roger 

Project “Roger” (as in Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood) All Together Healing (ATH) Inc.’s focus is to build healthy communities through promoting holistic family-centered wellness through social skill building and social awareness. ATH Inc. has a goal of managing healthy engagement of children and parents/caregivers through program development incorporating therapeutic practices. WELLNESS GROUPS ATH Inc. is presenting Mood Disorder group and Art Therapy group. The objectives are: Outcome 1: Increase proportion of parental /caregiver involvement in youth social skill building activities and individual maintenance. Outcome 2: Increase proportion of involvement of mothers with children, and mother’s partner as it applies, in emotional regulation promoting wellness along with individual awareness. Both will be 8-week programs (running from August to September/October. COMMUNITY GARDENING ATH Inc. is planning a community project promoting family wellness through addressing agricultural needs in feeding families. We believe that there is a strong tie between environment and mental wellness. This project encourages physical wellness through educating families about food waste and managing healthcare through appropriate diet. We hope to involve young adults with their families in educating them about environmental reciprocity. All Together Healing Inc. is looking to partner with Gather New Haven to promote a “farm to table” approach in inner-city communities which in the New Haven area and others comprise of low-income housing. We will use space provided and educators with background knowledge and experience in gardening and food growth. Food deserts and lack of knowledge/access to nutrition or better nutrition choices are major contributors to increased risks of obesity, diabetes and other symptoms related to weight management for those in predisposed environments to these issues. Usually, these environments are comprised of low-income communities (usually amongst minorities). The hope is that this gardening project will promote influx of wellness education and action within the community for change in how our inner-city communities address health and wellness.

United In Understanding

United in understanding is another part of (ATH) United in Prayer Dept, which is overseen by  Chaplin Elder Gwendolyn Jenkins. The United Dept of (ATH) is the spiritual part of mental health and emotional support. Similar to United in Prayer, United in understanding welcomes all practicing Faiths. (UIU) is a Faith inspired program meant to ease spiritual stresses that are dealt with on a day to day basis. (UIU) will be conducted once a Month every 2nd  Saturday from 3-4pm(est) The panel of will post what part of the Bible or religious text they will be answering questions on,on the spot (any other questions must be answered via email) Bishop Furman,Evangelist Mayo and Pastor Walcott will be on our panel of God's Glory. A general email shall be provided for the United dept of (ATH) for people to request Prayer which is done every wednesday at 7pm on United in Prayer and for people to ask their questions to our panel to answer. Attendance must be recorded every month and possibly a paypal or Cashapp will be made specifically for United in Understanding

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